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Thinking and Talking

One of the things I adore about Joe is that he always asks my opinion on every decision to be made. That may sound like a small thing, but for someone who is used to going with the flow, and thus living with whatever group decision gets made, this is actually a huge thing. My […]


Just Ducky: Outside Calm, Inside Stress

A few years ago I agreed to serve as the chair of a committee despite my usual reservations about assuming leadership roles. For me, being a leader has always been a double-edged sword; I enjoy the challenge, but it takes a lot of energy for me to be available and engaged in a group process. […]


Don’t Stand So Close To Me: Introverts and Proxemics

I recently wrote an article for Interesting Thing of the Day about Proxemics, the study of how people manage the space around them. This has obvious resonance for introverts, who often find interactions with people at a polite distance to be draining, let alone if those people are in even closer range. In the article […]


Setting Limits: The Two Party Rule

A few weekends ago I found myself in the position of having invitations to two events in as many days, a somewhat unusual occurrence in my social life. I had been looking forward to these two outings all week, knowing that I might have a chance to catch up with some close friends on both […]


Are You Being Served (Well)?

On my most cynical days, I fear that introverts will never be understood by their extroverted peers. One phenomenon that causes me to despair of being accepted as I am is the prevalence in any number of restaurants of that most dreaded of species: the overfriendly waiter. Their usual haunt is the tourist trap, those […]


Silence of the Fans vs. The Fandom Menace

The last time we were in Vegas, Joe and I went to see a show that had recently opened in the new Wynn Las Vegas hotel. Created by long-time Cirque du Soleil collaborator Franco Dragone, Le Rêve reminded me a lot of Cirque du Soleil shows I’d seen in the past except, surprisingly, the “plot” […]


Introverts in The Washington Post

Last month The Washington Post published an article by Mary Carpenter, titled An Introvert Stands Up for The Right to Stand Alone. In the article, Carpenter describes how she came to realize she was an introvert, and the effect this had on her family, work, and social interactions. I have to say it’s nice to […]


All the World’s a Stage: Introverts & Acting

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a high school musical that my stepson was performing in (strangely enough, in light of this site’s theme, it was Stephen Sondheim’s Company). Watching the young actors onstage made me think of my own high school drama experiences, although only briefly; I don’t like to dwell too much […]


Survival of the Quietest: Voluntary Exile Island

The reality TV show Survivor attracted a lot of attention last season because of a controversial twist on the show’s format; instead of being divided into “tribes” (teams) according to gender or age, as had been the case in previous seasons, Survivor: Cook Islands contestants were initially assigned to tribes based on their ethnicity. Immediately […]


Introducing Spectatrix

Over a year ago, I began thinking about creating a blog that would provide me with an outlet for various topics I wanted to write about. I started off thinking I would write about movies; I have this obsession with knowing everything about a movie I’ve recently watched (although I don’t want to know anything […]