Introducing Spectatrix

Over a year ago, I began thinking about creating a blog that would provide me with an outlet for various topics I wanted to write about. I started off thinking I would write about movies; I have this obsession with knowing everything about a movie I’ve recently watched (although I don’t want to know anything in advance), and I thought I would enjoy researching and writing about these pieces of film trivia. However, once I started down this path I realized my tolerance for film trivia was lower than I’d thought. I do love movies, but it wasn’t an overwhelming passion.

As this approach fizzled, an idea that my husband Joe and I had previously talked about started bubbling up to the surface: a blog about introverts. It seemed to make sense; how many times over the years had we complained about being misunderstood by non-introverts? Too many to count. I knew I had a huge amount of personal experience to draw on, perhaps a slight chip on my shoulder, and a personal goal to live my life without fear of what others thought of me. But was it enough? Would anyone want to read a blog about introverts?

As I started to look into it, I found there aren’t really that many resources on the Web for introverts, and what there is tends to address more psychological or career-related topics. I didn’t find much written from the point of view of an average introvert, about what life really is like for us.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised; if the hallmark of an introvert is to be more inwardly-directed, it makes sense that we are not trumpeting that very quality throughout cyberspace. For that reason, a blog about introverts may seem like a strange idea to most people. But I think it’s time to start one. If this blog can make even a small difference in generating greater compassion and understanding between introverts, extroverts, and within ourselves, then I will have accomplished my goal. And if I can make people laugh in the process, that’s even better.

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4 Responses to “Introducing Spectatrix”

  1. Gwen said:

    It thrills me that we introverts have a voice out there. Thanks for taking that scary step into the world of vulnerability. Good luck!

  2. spectatrix said:


    Thanks! I really appreciate your support.

  3. DMW said:

    Thanks for making me laugh, smile and breath a general sigh of relief. I tend to take my “low energy” realities very seriously. I’m always trying to be a bit more matter-of-fact about being the way I am. Your posts help me with that!

  4. spectatrix said:


    Thanks so much for your kind comments! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I do see that as one of my goals too, to be more matter-of-fact about what it means to be an introvert and to not apologize for the way that I am.