Time Out

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here, and I suppose I should feel guilty about that, but the truth is that I don’t. For the last half year or so I have just not had the inclination to put anything of myself out into the world (apart from short notes on Twitter); I guess I’ve been suffering a form of writer’s block. But I’m not stressed about it, because I’ve become comfortable with the fact that generating constant content for a blog doesn’t suit my style — sometimes I really don’t have anything to say!

It goes along with being an introvert, this discomfort with talking/writing for its own sake. I knew when I first started this blog that this was a danger, and it has been borne out by the frequent gaps in posting in the past few years. This may not be the ideal way to run a blog, but it feels sustainable to me. All I can do is hope that past readers will check back in from time to time.

Because at the moment, I do feel like I have something to say. It’s time to throw my hat back in the ring, and fire up the old keyboard. My life is very full at the moment, and new thoughts are bubbling away. One source for this is the impending arrival of my first child — yes, I will be an introvert Mommy come June! There is more to say about how the world looks to this introvert, and I hope you’ll join me once again on that adventure.

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5 Responses to “Time Out”

  1. James said:

    Congrats and welcome back Spectatrix.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts in the past and I expect them to be just as interesting if not more so with your spawn entering the world. πŸ˜‰

    And reading this blog yonks ago and finally seeing some decent plans in the world helped me start up my own little blog to get my opinion out into the world. πŸ™‚

  2. Dana said:

    Congratulations! Blogging shouldn’t have to be ideal, I don’t think, in order to be sustainable. It’s not a living, breathing thing. Just a tool that helps connect people and their ideas. Not even the only tool, so it doesn’t have to be gotten exactly right.

    Besides, I think introverts can be happy connecting to only a couple people on their blog as opposed to needing the blog to make a difference for the whole big world.

    I think I stopped blogging, because the conversations got too big and too wide and it ended up being a bigger social event than I felt comfortable with.

    Anyway, feed readers and email subscriptions are great, because they let me receive blog updates, no matter how long goes between postings. I was certainly happy to see your post this a.m.

  3. spectatrix said:


    Thanks! And congrats to you on starting your own blog!


    Thanks for providing some perspective on ideal vs. real world blogging. I can certainly identify with feeling happy to have a good conversation with a few readers rather than needing to speak to everyone. And in fact, sometimes it’s more satisfying to do my own thing, in a small corner, so to speak, rather than being open to “the whole big world.”

    And hurray for feed readers!

  4. No Nonsense said:

    Congratulations! Since you are on my RSS feed, I get your post whenever you feel like it. Good to see you back

    BTW I’m guilty of writing intermittently too πŸ™‚

  5. spectatrix said:

    No Nonsense,

    Thanks! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with “intermittent blogging syndrome” πŸ™‚