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More on Sensitivity

On the CNN Web site today there was another article about the study that came out recently regarding sensory perception sensitivity (yesterday I wrote about a similar article that appeared on the Livescience Web site). It mentioned a lot of the same information I had seen in the previous article, but included one new detail […]


Commenting Issues

Just wanted to let you know that there were some problems with the commenting feature on the site, but that they have now been fixed. If you’ve tried to leave a comment recently and it hasn’t worked, please try again. And even if you didn’t, I’d still love to hear from you!


Studying Sensitivity

A reader just sent me a link to a great article on the Livescience Web site. Although I find it annoying that the writer conflates shyness and introversion (one of my pet peeves), I found the main content of the article to be very thought-provoking. It describes a new study looking at the incidence of […]