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The Run-Down

Ever since I put together the FAQ for this site, I’ve pondered one of the answers I gave, and wondered if it was truly accurate. The question is “What is an introvert? What is an extrovert?,” and the answer I gave was (in part): Most basically, these terms refer to where a person gets their […]


The Lonely Gargoyle

I’ve always loved the photo (seen top right on the homepage) that Joe took during a trip to Paris a few years ago, that of a gargoyle looking down from the rooftop of Notre Dame Cathedral. I’ve taken to calling the figure in the photo “the lonely gargoyle,” and consider him the unofficial mascot of […]


Mind Matters

One thing I’m really enjoying about this blog is the great feedback I get from readers on a variety of topics. Not only does it boost my spirits, but I often learn very interesting things. For example, a recent comment on the Converting the Introverted post gave me a lot of food for thought. The […]


The Great Quiet North

Last month I had the chance to visit my family in Canada, and as always, I felt both completely at home and like I was in a foreign country. Having lived in the US for a total of eight years, every time I go back to Canada it’s interesting to gauge how different things seem, […]


Secret Identities

Like millions of other people, Joe and I went to see Spider-Man 3 last weekend. Having seen a few bad reviews, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, finding it engrossing despite its almost two and a half hour running time. Even the presence of an especially noisy and disruptive audience didn’t prevent me from […]


Slow Travel

I recently ran across the Slow Travel Web site and was immediately intrigued. The aim of the site is to encourage travelers to do their sightseeing at a slower pace by spending more time in one location before moving on to another. The authors recommend a stay of at least one week in a specific […]